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Honestly this is so unfair. Organizing committee, is you who agreed with C-Jes a year ago with written documents and contracts maybe you should keep your words. Why would you use JYJ like this (they promoted the game FOR you) and at the end of the day you tell them that they won’t/can’t take part in the official ceremony. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Us fans (especially international fans) don’t care if SME really was the person behind pressuring you to exclude JYJ just because EXO is attending. As a company that is known to all of Asia (and internationally) you honestly need to know how to do your job. Come on, is that one company that influential? Fine maybe there for more than one company or whoever is trying to stop JYJ from their activities, SO WHY CHOOSE THEM AS AMBASSADORS IN THE FIRST PLACE? I’m pretty sure you have been keeping up with the lawsuits/news and noticing that JYJ have been treated very poorly for the longest time before this. basically whatever excuse you give and throw at us, us fans will NOT buy it, cause it will just be BS. Quit trying to make up things and just stick to your plans. 

In February 2013, JYJ was chosen as the official ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

The Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee had held a press conference saying, “We appoint JYJ, since they are popular all across Asia, to spur on international promotions and awareness all across Asia.”
While talking about the actions of JYJ as the ambassadors, C-JeS Entertainment had a written agreement type of service contract with the Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee’s PR marketing agency. Part of that includes parts that read, “JYJ will be conferred with beforehand on events related to the Asian Games both in and out of Korea”, and also “When recruiting K-Pop stars and other Korean singers for the Incheon Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies and conferences for international press, JYJ should be considered first.” Also during that time, the PR managers, including the chairperson of the organizing committee, promised JYJ’s appearance at the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the finale stage.
After this, JYJ released “Only One”, the official theme song for the Asian Games, and filmed an MV. They recently even filmed a CF with no guarantees, and participated actively in events to spread the Incheon Asian Games. In October last year in Vietnam and in November last year in Hanoi and China’s Guangzhou, they participated in the showcase to spread the Incheon Asian Games all across Asia. In the case of the overseas event planned for November where the Asian Games representatives were supposed to gather, they had decided to attend. However, because of the natural disaster in Philippines, the event was cancelled.
A month ago, we were asked in a meeting with the Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee if JYJ would be able to appear at the Incheon opening ceremony and the opening and closing ceremony press conference with the director, and we told them that they would adjust their schedules to be able to attend. However, after that, there was no contact about either events, and for some reason, we were not told about the contents of today’s press conference.
Recently in a phone call, the Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee told us there was nothing confirmed for the lineup. However, at the press conference today, the organizing committee released a press release titled ‘Celebrity line-up to actively participate in the ‘2014 Incheon Asian Games’ opening and closing ceremonies’. However, JYJ, the official ambassadors, were not mentioned in the article. Also, the press conference did not say their appearance as confirmed and that the order they’d be performing was being checked, but that their appearance was being checked over as well.
The Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee had promised us the finale stage. A few months ago, they told us that for the finale, JYJ might have to stand on stage with Psy. We told them since Psy was such a big sunbaenim and was a singer that held a deep meaning to Korea, if we were able to stand on stage with him, it would be an honor for us as well.
Incheon Asian Games must fulfill the promise they’ve had with us. If the Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee is a committee founded for the public, we believe you should keep ‘loyalty’ and ‘trust’. Out of the 4 billion Asians, there won’t be anyone who can logically accept that JYJ, who has been promoted as the face of the Asian Games for over a year, has been left out of the closing and opening press conferences and not even mentioned.
If you try to shift this blame to the employee who chose the ambassador, or if you try to say that JYJ appearing at the event before the opening ceremony is keeping the promise with us, you are trying to cover the sky with your hands. Anyone with common sense will find it hard to accept that the singer who has promoted the Incheon Asian Games for over a year and sang the theme song will only appear in the pre-ceremony event.
As you know, in July 2011, as the ambassador of the New Seven Wonders for Jeju Island, for some reason even though we had bought the flight tickets and got the cue sheet, we were told their appearance was cancelled a day before the event. After filing a suit with the Fair Trade Commission, it was confirmed that the cancellation was an unfair case through outside pressure, and they were ordered to stop activities that obscure JYJ’s activities.
We remember the first conference that we had with the Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee last year in May. We had told them that JYJ had hard times because of a mysterious outside pressure, and that we were afraid that it would happen again for the Incheon Asian Games. We told them that if this happened again, not only JYJ, but both domestic and international fans who love JYJ would be hurt, so if they could not keep their promises, we did not even want to start. The working members of the organizing committee lamented everything that had prevented JYJ from promoting, and confirmed that it would definitely not happen at the Incheon Asian Games.
In any case, we hope that the breaking of the Incheon Asian Games’ Organizing Committee’s promise was not because of the senseless and unfair outside pressure that JYJ has been experiencing, and we ask many people to take heed to this unfair situation.

As a DBSK/JYJ fan for about 7-8 years now this just makes me furious. Netizens keep saying were overreacting and that we should’t blame others (especially SME); but what do you know? Fine, there are tons and tons of stories that none of us will ever find out. But i do know that SME had always been on the back of JYJ stopping them from promoting filing lawsuits after lawsuits back and forth. We can’t help but to point fingers at SME right from the start. SME is one of the BIG3. They are pretty influential; therefore….. I honestly hope SME can just let them go. you ought to realize that JYJ is still a big big spotlight for international fans and their popularity did not go down even after all those years of no promotions. You agreed to stop interfering and if it is you who pressured the committee then your just pathetic.